Taylor & Hart


Expressing the art of storytelling and the craftsmanship of engagement rings


Creating a re-brand that differentiates Taylor&Hart and underlines the innovative qualities of the brand such as bespoke services and ethical sourcing.


A refreshed visual identity helped to establish a new remarkable contemporary look and feel of the brand, showing more of its qualities, disrupting the traditional perception of a jewelry brand and allowing it to live better both in the digital and print medium. The variety of different elements helps the audience get a better understanding of what the brand stands for and relate to it.

How can we visually add a sense of innovation to the current traditional identity?

A new logotype

The change was driven by the fact that the previous logo didn't reflect the personality of the brand well enough and its lack of responsiveness. The old logo looked standard while one of the main qualities of the brand is to provide bespoke, personalised services. There are several cuts on the logotype that aim to express a feeling of creation and personalisation.


A geometric pattern inspired by diamonds, sketchbook grids and raw materials.

New typeface

A new decorative sans-serif typeface helps distinguish the brand and express a sense of customisation.

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