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Hello, I am Tsvetan Mitev — a creative based in London, excited about design and solving business challenges


My mission as a designer is to deliver clarity and distinctive design to brands who aim to differentiate and communicate clearly to their audience.

What I do

I specialise in branding and strategy including communication and creative direction. Collaborating with illustrators, photographers and digital designers, I am able to widen the possibilities of any project.


Before everything else, my process is based on the desire to discover and create, because every project is exciting and hides dozens of opportunities. Along with that, I am asking the right questions, understanding the challenges, applying creativity and working along with my partners to build strategic outcomes.

Career Path

What partners say

Petya Milusheva
Founder of Kana


As a start-up one of the most important things to succeed is to work with people who have a passion to your mission. I’ve worked with very few people who are willing to go the extra mile and Tsvetan is one of them. From the first call I had with Tsvetan, I had the impression that this was going to be a different experience – he raised questions which I didn't ask myself despite having a marketing background. We consider that the input from Tsvetan work on our project is one of the main keys to our success.

Atanas Arsov
Founder of Nordics


I can honestly say that working with Tsvetan has been an awesome experience. His work helped our brand (Nordics) grow and be recognized by thousands of clients. He is quick-to-act, reliable and trustworthy and his designs are considered outstanding everywhere we exhibit.

Stefan Milev
CMO at Taylor&Hart


I had the pleasure to work with Tsvetan on multiple projects at Taylor & Hart and I greatly appreciated his passion and dedication. He is a brilliant graphic designer - creative and careful to detail, never afraid to express his ideas, of which he had plenty.

Ryan Kohlman


Tsvetan is a very talented designer - he did an excellent job on our project. He sticks to deadlines and takes all feedback with a great attitude. Would highly recommend!