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Because of construction work in my university campus, the Graphic Design course moved to River House campus which is meant to be our new home for the next two years. 


However, the place was previously used as an office and didn't have the aesthetics of an art place. The majority of students were against that change claiming that this isn't an appropriate environment for artists. That's why I designed a new brand identity for the place that should inspire and motivate the people there.


As we are more of an alternative graphic design course instead of traditional, I wanted to create an abstract identity which communicates that we create art.

Logo Design

Regards the logo I came up with the initial concept of having scribble an icon of the logo. Then I asked students to their own wavy line which I later used as a mark and to form the pattern, in that way everyone has a touch in creating the identity Inspired by the storyboard and all of the overlapping paper, I started playing with the logo mark and came up with a stamp that could be also used for as a recognizable element


The use of the logo is completely flexible so it doesn't put any limitations on the students.

& Colors

In terms of typography, I used the bold yet friendly typeface 'Brandon Grotesque' combined with the more artistic and decorative 'Typewalk 1915' which makes a nice contrast and represent diversity.


I chose black and white as main colors because I aimed to put the accent on what people produce. Also, I did a few handmade textures that could be used for prints, packaging, and decoration.


The prints that are going to be used for advertising will be always a combo of students work and the identity of the school. There will be an option for students to set up their own events and design their own prints to advertise them. The screen-printed going to be used for a couple of textures are also on different occasions.